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I was watching the Discovery Times channel today and a commercial came on for The Science Channel. The commercial starts out with video of what looks like a guy swallowing a bubble or something.

The music has a hip-hop feel to it and has a man's voice saying "Since You Wanna Know".

The commercial has various things happening throughout. I'll try to find a link for it.
Disregard. I found the answer.

The song is "Wanna Know" by Obie Trice
does anyone know the name of the song that's playing during the Nwe Discovery Channel commercial? it sounds sort of lk Jay Z but i'm not sure...its sort of a hip hop/rockish/electronic song.

Any help??

Please and thanxiez!! :]
I know there is a Jay-z song being used on the Discovery Science channel, not sure if it is the same one but i would assume it is. Unfortunately i am making little progress in finding it.
Not sure about The Discovery Channel, but The Science Channel has a promo that uses "Wanna Know", by Obie Trice.
Well its a discovery channel commercial
and they are saying "since they wanna know .. since they wanna know"
thats all i really noticed of the song .. but its sounds pretty cool
just wondering if anybody knew the song .. or even the commercial im talking about
I think this was asked somewhere around here but I might be mistaken.

You might be looking for Obie Trice - Since They Wanna Know
Science Channel

I am looking for the name of the song that the Science Channel uses to advertise there channel...

It keeps repeating "Since they wanna know"... but I have not idea what song it is, sounds like a R&B or Rap/Rock Song...

Any ideas?
Ok, Nevermind, I think I found it: For those that want to know what it is:

"Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai

OK, well, I was mistaken... that is the song for the Discovery Channel Promo, but not the Science Channel Promo, so still in search of who that is and what the song is.

Any help is appreciated
I think I found the answer to my own question:
Obie Trice - Since They Wanna Know..

Double checking now, but I am pretty sure its the right song...

Don't you just love Itunes? LOL

Does anyone know the song and artist used in the new science channel promo? it's sounds punk rockish but was a pretty cool song. Can anyone please help me out?
Re: Science Channel

Thats 'Around the bend' by 'The asteroids galaxy tour' I think Buddy.:D
Re: Science Channel

No that's not the one I was looking for but thanks anyway! It's the newest promo for Science Channel it kinda sounds like fall out boyish punk rock
Discovery Science

Currently I am catching this promotional advert for the Discovery Science Channel. I don't know the music, I can't find the advert ANYWHERE on the internet and it's all - quite frankly - driving me up the walls.

So far the only information I have is that the advert starts with a still picture of the galaxy and it then moves on to illustrate short clips from all the current programmes (MythBusters; Catch it, Keep it... etc) showing on Science channel. The voice over starts at the galaxy still shot with "So you think science is boring" and it goes on telling the viewer that science is fun, science is noisy etc ending with "discovery science redefining the meaning of science".

The song has no lyrics; it's more of an electronic song.

Honestly any help is greatly appreciated. :blink:
Re: Discovery Science

This is the song used for the commercial!! Still searching for more information. :confused:
Science Channel

Watching stuck with Hackett tonight on the science channel and they ran a promo ad twice during the show, showing clips from pumpkin chunkers, large rockets, and some stuff about star trek.

The song has a female vocal but you can't really understand what she is saying.

Anyone have any ideas its driving me nuts because I wanna download the song.
Re: Science Channel

I just emailed Science Channel corporate to try and shed some light on this. I agree it is a great song and I can't find it anywhere. Will reply if I hear anything.
2008 Discovery Science

Dear everyone, I am in musical distress.

Think back, approx. 2008; Discovery Science commercials. The only information I could find to be of use is this:

First a voice: 'science is too boring', 'too loud, too dirty..' then the electric music, after the voice: 'we defining the meaning of science'.
The commercial starts with a glimmering lightbulb. The song has no lyrics; it's more of an electronic song

If someone can link or write down the clip or preferably the song, I will be forever obliged to thee.

Someone that's hunted this song for years, and has not succeeded yet.