science channel

  1. F


    Does anybody know the title of the strange accordion waltz like Tim Burton/Danny Elfman style music used in the promo for the original Oddities? It is the song played on an accordion and tuba and sounds like a weird carnival waltz. The promo can be found on youtube at:
  2. Bailey

    How the Universe Works

    I've been so curious as to what the title of this music was. I was unfortunately unable to get exact words and I am crazy so I actually took my phone and recorded it. Ideas anyone? :'(
  3. Boostworthy

    Alien Encounters

    Hey everyone, The second episode of Alien Encounters "The Arrival" was on tonight on the Science Channel. At the end of the show, before and during the credits, there was a song playing with a guys voice that was synthesized. It kind of reminded me of the song by Johann Johannsson that was in...
  4. this4lyn

    Discovery Science Channel Build It Bigger

    Does anyone know the name of this song used in a commercial for the show Build It Bigger on the Science Channel?
  5. S

    Discovery Science Channel

    I was watching the Discovery Times channel today and a commercial came on for The Science Channel. The commercial starts out with video of what looks like a guy swallowing a bubble or something. The music has a hip-hop feel to it and has a man's voice saying "Since You Wanna Know". The...