How the Universe Works


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I've been so curious as to what the title of this music was.
I was unfortunately unable to get exact words and I am crazy so I actually took my phone and recorded it.

Ideas anyone? :'(
i can't get the lyrics starting at 0;15. is it "come with me" or "go with me" etc etc

i thought it was "come with me and stay awake" but I don't think that's it after some searching. It's similar style to Pink Floyd or various possibilities from the Iron Maiden style of metal (epic metal, classic metal, etc)
Yeah, that's part of my problem. I cannot understand the lyrics at all. :(
I've been looking for ways to contact the marketers of the ad but no idea where to find how.
I can help ya on that. Most stuff like this you got to the maker's website (here Science Channel) and find the email address for Marketing and contact them about it. Since Sci is part of the Discovery network, it's not that obvious, but you have to scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will find the "Viewer Relations" link and click then ask them about the commercial :D.
How The Universe Works

I have been searching high and low for the name of the song that is on the current commercial for How The Universe Works on the Science Channel, and I haven't been able to turn up any results.

The genre sounds like rock and roll (possibly from the 70's-80's?), and to my ears, the lyrics on the commercial sound like "Been living on the road, but I'm flying so high."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

video and song here: