1. T

    Discovery Channel "Life Story"

    ...Help? Okay, so does anyone know what song is playing during this advert? I can vaguely make out some of the lyrics (which could be totally wrong): " pull themselves out" "I don't know what I need, don't know...
  2. Guest

    Discovery Channel North America

    Anyone up for a tough one? This is a mediocre recording of a broadcast of what I believe was one of the episodes of Discovery's new wilderness series "North America," first aired on or around May 19th. There is a choral/orchestral track used which I can't identify. Emailing Discovery was of no...
  3. khoaghost

    Bering Sea Gold Under The Ice

    does anyone know the track use in this trailer ?
  4. C

    Discovery Channel North America

    Don't know if "I'm coming home" is the title or not. It's the song being used in the promo commercials for Discovery Channel's upcoming "North America" series. Can anyone help?
  5. D

    American Greed

    Wat is the song in this promo:
  6. J

    Discovery HD Showcase

    I know the sound is a bit low but i couldnt get anything better.
  7. M

    Discovery Channel

    I have been searching for many years for a song that was on a Discovery Channel tv Ad. This ad was advertised through 2003 onwards, but I have not seen it for the past 2 years, perhaps more. All I remember is that it was a musical piece, that sounded like it had a good remix of indian music...
  8. K

    Discovery HD Showcase

    Does anyone familiar with the music from new Discovery HD Showcase Commercial which is frequently showed on Discovery Science channel? Here's the video:
  9. M

    Discovery Channel advert

    anyone know what the song is thats on the discovery channel at the moment? goes like: "we're travelling at the speed of light" ??
  10. W

    Investigation Discovery

    Hello , i need some help with a song , i watched the other day an add in Discovery Channel about investigation discovery.To help you out , the song is an orchestral song with some violins in it , with a mystery rythm , the add shows some people and then shows a white "box" to capture some other...
  11. D

    Sons of Guns

    I attempted to do a search on this topic but the forum would not allow me to do it, so here is my question: What is the intro song to the TV show Sons Of Guns. I think it is actually a prayer put to music. Heavy blues etc. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks...
  12. L

    Scorned Love Kills

    Anyone know the promo song for this new series upcoming on Investigation Discovery Channel? Thanks.
  13. P

    Discovery Channel How Do They Do It?

    hello to all. can you help me end say who sings the song on the discovery channel commercial for "how they do it" - new series? Discovery has started to broadcast this commercial not so long ago. Some machines are in commercial and in background play the song that sounds pretty old. Women sing...
  14. D


    Hello there, I'm trying to find the music that plays during a commercial I saw a couple of times today. It's video they've shown before, but they change the voiceover and music. For example: "Uprising" by Muse I've also seen it with: "Right here, Right now" by Fatboy...
  15. B

    Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero

    Hey gang! 9/11 was a day of mourning, and remembrance... The Discovery Channel ran a special called Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero, narrated by Ed Harris. a piece of beautiful music used in the episode Gateway To New York. here: anyone know what it is? your help is greatly appreciated!!!:D
  16. Guest

    Discovery Networks

    What is the epic orchestral song in the Discovery Network commercial playing in Discovery Channel (Nordic)? Here is the video I recorded using my mobile phone:
  17. B

    Discovery Channel Dutch

    Hello I recently checked on the site if this topic has been discussed yet, but no: Does someone recognize the song in this trailer? Thanks in advance for helping :cool:
  18. B

    Discovery World Classics

    Hey! Does anybody know what is the music in the commercial in Discovery World Classics commercial? It has been running for some time and there are clips of shuttles launcing, the "earthrise", JFK, Hitler and more. If anyone could help that would be great.
  19. N

    Discovery Channel "You're Not Alone"

    Was wondering what the whistling number was that's used in the newest commercials for Discovery Channel/Science Channel. Any help is appreciated!
  20. SilentWarrior

    Solving History with Olly Steeds

    Hello, does anyone know what song plays in the "Solving History with Olly Steeds" ad commercial in Discovery HD Showcase? I am looking for it for a few days already, and I cant seem to find it anywhere. Please help :) Regards, Joao