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i'm new to adtunes, but i'm so glad to have found it, because i'm always looking for tracks from commecials.

i'm currently having trouble identifying a track from a dial soap ad. i don't know if it's hand soap or face soap, or what. it features a grid-like set up of colorful dots, maybe 6x5. the track starts, it's very blipy - electronic based (sounds like something from warp records, but i'm pretty sure it's not). the dots randomly disappear and reveal objects - i don't remember exactly, but they were like home-type items (towels or something). as time passes, the track gets a bit of bass.... it's so hott...... i'm sorry that this description sucks! :p i'm completely baffled on who it could be.

i've seen this ad on fox on the east coast during prime time, and occasionally in the morning before 8 am. it's been airing since lat may i think, and i know i've seen it recently.

any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
thank you for such an amazing resource.