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I live on the East Coast, and I was watching Saturday Night Live a while ago (on or about December 27, 2003). I saw a spot for "The Apprentice", that featured a song that I liked, but didn't recognize. It was sometime either right before, during, or after the credits. I've tried using Google to do a reverse lookup of the lyrics, but I've found nothing. I've also tried e-mailing NBC twice (I've been very patient), but haven't gotten a single response back from them.

The lyrics are "...[when] you're under pressure...". The reason when is bracketed is because I'm not 100% sure if that was the exact word used in the commercial. I do know that the instrument in the background sounded like an organ, and the song generally had a minor feel to it (for those who know what that means; if you don't, disregard it). One songs I can rule out are Under Pressure (a.k.a. Soul Brother) by Queen.

If anyone has any clue as to what this song could be, I will give them my first born child. ;)
As promised, my first born will be delivered on April 15, the due date the doctor gave us.