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has anyone seen the commercial where there was a girl on a train and the guy wanted to get her number, so she chews the gum and blows on the window and then there were like 3 other guys writing her number down? well they were playing a song during the entire commercial. does anyone know the name of this song? thanks
Who sings the song on the Dentyne Ice commercial where the girl gets on the subway and writes her number on the window?
I heard some commercial earlier where they were singing something like "I can tell by the way you walk oo ohh" and then said talk instead of walk. And it was like a guy and a girl singing off and on. I've been trying to find the song, but I have no idea what the commercial was for.. and I'm not sure if it's a real song or not. Can anyone help me out?
Ok i just saw a dentyne ice commercial (and yes i tried searching for the song on here but your search doesnt work for some reason) and the lyrics go "i can tell by the way you walk you are..." etc thank you if you know!