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does anyone know the cool piano music from days of our lives? least i think it's days of our's the theme for a soap opera...can't remember which one though...anyway any help as to what it's called or who it's by is much appreciated...thanks... :D
do you remember any details of what the opening of the soap opera looks like, while this music is playing?
it's the theme for the show...i'm not sure...oh and it's the intrumental version of No More Drama by Mary J Blige...
I'm fairly certain the theme song for Days is not an instrumental version of a Mary J. Blige song. Days has been airing since the mid-60's. In any case, the theme song of Days is entitled "Days of Our Lives" :rolleyes: Check here for a bigger listing of songs used by the show:

In any case, could you perhaps be thinking of a theme from Young & the Restless? I don't really watch the show, but I think their theme is also a piano piece??
yes it is from young and the restless...i wasn't sure what show it was to find out what it is called...
Does anyone know the name of the song that Sami and Brandon danced to on todays episode (11-1-04)? It was at the end and they were in was really pretty....
Sorry....I guess I think everybody should be a Days Thanks for the link Gretchen....all the songs mentioned are really good. Thanks again....

I used to watch it a long time ago, but haven't seen it in years.
Days of our
I've been meaning to post this for a while but kept forgetting until I was the time that Bonnie opened Alices there was a song in several scenes about friends....seems like Belle danced with Phillip to it (?). Or maybe it was Belle and Shawn....its been a while and I can't remember any of the lyrics except it was about friends.
dang I watched all those episodes too. but I can't remember! maybe it's Garth Brooks "Friends in Low Places" ?

speaking of, have I really been watching DOOL this long?! lol was it October of 2003 when the Salem Stalker was killing people?
LOL....time sneaks up on ya don't it? It wasn't Garth....not a country twangy kind of thing...kind of slow but not really....I know that don't make sense. It was more pop and it was talking about being friends forever (I think) but it was really pretty and had a catchy tune.
There was a song played for Brady and Chloe's first dance. Some of the lyrics are "anything you need....everything.....I want to thank you for being....count life". It was a beautiful song...female vocals. And the song that Jack and Abby danced to that kept repeating "my little girl". Male vocals, slow song. Thanks!
The song Jack and his daughter dance to is done by Steve Kirwan and is entitled "My Little Girl". I don't know about the rest.
The first song that Brady and Chloe danced to was "Thank You" by Kaci Brown, I love her voice. Here's a link to her website.