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Hello, this is from quite a while back when A&E or History ran an ad for their Cola Wars presentation.

During the ad, it played a classical piece (which I once found on CD in a library, but have long forgotten the name and misplaced the note I wrote the title on) that sounded very confrontational. I think it was played during the piece of the advertisement that showed Hitler.

It was used in another commercial as well. I can't quite remember what it was for but I do remember a train going though a tunnel and people were singing, I think.

The clip the ad used was found in the middle of the original piece of music. I know it's not Wagnar (my Mom's first guess).

Any help would be appreciated,
Could be Mozart's Requiem which is a popular choice for war documentaries!

Try listening to the following samples on

Track 1: Requiem
Track 3: Dies Irae
Track 14: Lux Aeterna
Thank you, however, I was mixing up two comercials. The singing people in the train - O Fortuna. :lol:

I have an incling but can't verify that the cola wars music was Havel - Bolero. I'm not too sure though. Not entirely confident. Can anyone else verify this?

The A&E Commercial for the Cola Wars used the first few seconds of Prokofiev's Montague and Capulets.