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Just saw the new Coke 60-second spot. It has a brit-punk version of "White Christmas".

Anyone got some thoughts?
Oh my husband and I were just sitting here and at first he thought it was Billy Idol :rolleyes: but the more we listened it kind of sounded like a group called Flogging Molly. Still not 100% on it yet. I'll keep searching cause now i want it!!!
Saw this commercial twice today and would love to know who sings this version. Actually a very refreshing commercial. My son, who has a post-punk band, thinks it sounds like someone doing a version of earlier British punk. Hope someone comes up with the answer!
Just talked to my son again, and he said it's definitely not Flogging Molly, but could be Billy Bragg!
If anyone has some friends who work for McCann...

that's who produced the spot.

It definitely has that early punk sound to it.
just did a search and came up with Wildhearts. From everything I can tell they are the ones that are preforming the White Christmas for the Coca-Cola commercial. If you have any questions you can mail me

There's a new Target commercial that features a punk rendition of White
Christmas. Anyone know who's the artist? Thanks for any info.
I think the ad you're referring to uses a cover of the song by Simple Plan. Unfortunatly, the song was made just for use in the ad. More about the Christmas Target ads in this old thread.
I know Simple Plan does the Joy To The World song, but there's a new one
which plays White Christmas. It's probably Simple Plan too, huh?

Are you referring to the Coca Cola commercial that has a punk version of "White Christmas"?
That would be my guess... You are thinking of the Coke commercial.
thanks. all I have to do know is figure out where to grab it!

ps - tried to email you and it bounced.
Whoops, my bad! You guys are right. I got it mixed up with the
Target commercial. Thanks guys!
I just heard this commercial again. If anybody wants to see it, CBS has been airing it almost every night this week just after the start of their 10PM show. My guess is it will be on again Thursday right after they play the intro song for Without a Trace.
I received this from Coca Cola this morning:

Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company. We always appreciate
interest in our advertising.

The version of White Christmas used in our new holiday ad is an
original version. It was produced using studio performers. Unfortunately, it
is not available on CD or as a download.

If you ever have any more comments or questions, please feel free to
contact us again.

Industry and Consumer Affairs
The Coca-Cola Company