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I just saw a trailer for "Code 46" in theatres. It stars Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton, and the trailer can be viewed here:

Does ANYONE know the song that starts [in the trailer] when the man says, "It's not living, just existing" AND the song that starts after the words "Who you can love" flash across the screen [and plays for the rest of the trailer] ?????? ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APRECIEATED!

P.S. The movie itself looks pretty cool too.

I just watched this trailer as well. I don't know the name of any of the music, but I'm betting it is original music for that movie, and most likely several different songs on the soundtrack that will be released. If it's not soundtrack music, then it's a really good choice for trailer music and I need to know the name of the song(s)!
I do believe the trailer music somes straight from the soundtrack, which is scored by David Holmes. The music in the trailer is consistent with Holmes' style. Soundtrack out on Aug. 10th.
Sorry to have to pull up this post/thread again, BUT I HAVE A PROBLEM! OK, if you haven't seen the Code 46 trailer yet, (yes I know its now in theaters), go here: CODE 46 Quicktime Trailer to watch it. I believe there are two songs which play in this trailer. YET, I BOUGHT THE SOUNDTRACK, AND NEITHER ARE ON THERE!! doesn't have a song-sample list, so I just bought it. To my grave disappointment, they WERE NOT ON THERE!! IF ANYONE, ANYONE, has any info, IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPREICATED!! THANKS!!
okay, it's a little bit late to answer, but i was looking for this music too for so many times.
it's original music, composed by Eggshair Music (, the titles for the trailer are :
"Has been" -
"Even the score"