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Does anyone know what music was used in the trailer for Million Dollar Baby? I believe it was the same piece in the teaser shown on TV and the second half of the trailer (available here.) It's vaguely similar to 'Fire In A Brooklyn Theatre' from Come See the Paradise.

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It''s from Shawshank Redemption by Thomas Newman. It's the "On the Roof with Suds" track.

Hope this helps! :D
Oops, the above reply was in reference to the television trailer for "Million Dollar Baby". Sorry. :(
Originally posted by lasvegaslynn@Dec 19 2004, 05:31 PM
Oops, the above reply was in reference to the television trailer for "Million Dollar Baby". Sorry. :(
Yep, that's a nice piece but it's not what I am seeking, which is the last bit from the online trailer and sounds like it has some choral work in it (maybe).
If I remember right, the song that was in the trailer that I saw, was in "The Rookie" and it is a piano piece that is fairly slow paced, but a very good song. I don't know the name of this song, the links I have seen to the "Million Dollar Baby" trailer, are not the trailer that I saw. Thanks.
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do you know the song in the trailer; second song and it has bagpipes in it. Scotish sounding?


Ummmm, this trailer only has this song it, is it the same type of commercial that has bagpipes in it? Sorry, can't be of much help.
Does anyone know the name and artist of the second song in this trailer. It has bagpipes and a sort of scottish sound to it.... very emotional. This would help.


Yeah, I'm looking for this one too...

By the way, it should be a requirement for movie companies to list what songs are used in trailers...but hey, common sense rarely ever prevails.
I was wondering what the music was for when the trailer hits half-way and you hear's sort of fast; in that musical score sort of way. anybody know?
Im pretty sure that part of the songs was from the movies score and the rest im positive is from Shawshank Redemption
I have Shawshank and I don't recognize any music in Million Dollar Baby's trailer. Maybe the bagpipes song is from Braveheart?