Sin City

You're talking about the music at the very beginning of the trailer that sounds a bit like the Peter Gunn theme. I'm pretty sure that music is from the score because it often plays throughout the movie, which I saw the other day. I remember hearing it over the opening credit montage of the actor's names over the drawings of each character they play.;)
Hi all - A different sin city q for you!

in the clip being shown on the talk shows this week with Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba (Conan tonight, for example), they show Alba dancing in a bar with a lasso to a song with a lyric that sounds like "anybody with a high voltage love" - voltage is not clear, it might be something different - it's a techno song, sounds like crystal method or something like that...

it's tickled my brain cells, I know what it is but I just can't place it. Note that is very different from the song in the trailer under the same scene - it's much harder and very familiar, unlike the trailer song.

Any help appreciated very much - conan will be repeated monday on MSNBC or CNBC I think at 7 if anybody feels motivated to watch, the clip is shown about 15 minutes in.

Many thanks for helping out my distracted brain...
leone - many thanks for solving that brain hiccup. You're wonderful, keep up the good work.
hmm.. well does anyone know where i can preview the soundtrack? there aren't any previews available on yet..
I found it, FINALLY.. it's 'Marv' (track 4) on the Sin City soundtrack.
I just saw a tv spot promoting the dvd release of Sin City. They played this song in the background that sounds like a techno/rock mix of a opera song, maybe from Madame Bovary. Does anyone have any info on this? I'd really appreciate it!
I dont know if its actually a trailer if its a preview on a DVD, but the music for the Sin City trailer on a DVD, anyone have any idea?
I too am looking for this song. I must hear it. Any help much appreciated.
I'm not sure what song it is either, but I know it is NOT Cells by The Servant, although that's a descent song in and of itself.
It's this song:

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Vesti La Giubb from Pagliacci. I don't listen to opera or anything, but it was also the opera on that episode of Seinfeld, when Crazy Joe Divola dressed up like a clown. That might jog a few people's memories.
Does anybody know of a site that might have posted some of these spots? I've had some of my own music used in these spots, but I haven't been able to see them....

Hey, this'll be my first find. Go me. Anyway, I was going crazy looking for it and the song is definitely a techno remix of "I Pagliacci" but unfortunately I only found it in the form of a ringtone ( You can preview it there and you will be pleasantly surprised to hear it and it's most definitely it. Oddly enough though, in the commercial, the clip is only in there for a few seconds so it very well could be Robert Rodriguez was downloading some ringtones and came upon it, eh? That would be a first- using a ringtone in a comercial. I don't know for sure if it's specifically made for a ringtone so it'd be great if someone e-mailed Dada Mobile or the Sin City people to make sure, because I'm too shy to ask . . . --blushes and proceeds to run away--
its strange its not on the soundtrack, wouldve been a great addition
This song (atleast in instrumental form) is in the Transporter 2, although I havent been able to find out if it's on the sound track which comes out on the 6th.
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays in the Sin City trailer? It's got no words, just music, and it's really nice. It also played in a sequence in the movie Transporter 2.
Cells by The Servant. There are 2 versions of the song, the intrumental version and of course one with lyrics. The Instrumental version is different from the one with lyrics