Sin City

wouldnt we all totally love to know. But the most possible and saddest point is that is the directors music. he does most of the music himself...for his films.
I don't think that the trailer music is Rodriguez's music.. He make music with Chingon ( His (their) music is Mexican or a genre something like that.. Well anyway I'm not good about genres.

But the music that used in Sin City trailer, is different from Rodriguez's style.. I think it
is electronic or alternative rock song. OK, did I said that I'm not good about genres ? :)

Well, i think we could find that music... But my knowlegde is poor. I hope somebody who now that tune, will watch the trailer and say something soon. 'cause this music is awsome.. ;)
hell yes..thanks

robert will most likley score this film aswell..he doesnt just write mexican music
OMG. That was fast!!! Thank you Mr. Inzane.. :D

Well Cosmo, I don't know Rodriguez' work as much as you , I think. Probably I'm wrong.. "Wait and see" that's my motto about that :)
Sweetness. Thanks.

though i do wish it were an instrumental, the same with Back Horn's Requiem from Casshern.

Rodriguez actually has some good music, one song that was used in KillBill Vol. 2 "rocksalt" it wasnt mexican.

frankly i like his music better than his films but anyway...thread done and done.
Good find! Though, if an instrumental version could be found somewhere, that'd be even hotter!
Watch Once Upon A Time In Mexico...all of the music (score (violin, drums, trumpets..ect) was all composed by him....

Its not tortela music..its movie
Does anyone know where one could get the instrumental version?

Is it on the cd?
The instrumental version is not on the cd but there is a small possibility that it'll be on the Sin City soundtrack.
Thanks, I must've skipped over it while I was looking through.

Man, I am just on a ROLL with my adtunes posts... <_<
You're welcome. Don't forget to try search next time :)