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hey y'all. so i'm making a short film independently, but i'm relatively new at filmmaking and i need some music. i have this one song in my head that's a love theme that you hear all the time; it's very cliche. i'm not sure, but i think it's rachmaninoff. it's the music that would play if someone is having a flashback with them and that special someone running through a field and reminiscing on good times. if anyone knows what i'm talking about i would be grateful. also i am in need of some suspense and sad themed music. wht happens in my film is that a guy knocks on his girlfriend's door then no one answers so he snoops to the window (and there would be snooping/curiosity music), then he looks in and sees his girlfriend with another man. he gets sad so there's sad music, then he gets angry so angry music comes on. ithe idea is that he has a magic boombox with him that plays his moods so it's quite alright if the music is exaggerated. anyone have any ideas with that and the love theme? thank you.
For the love track, the obvious candidate would be the theme from the movie 'Love Story'.

Other suggestions:

Lara's Theme (From Dr. Zhivago)
Tara's Theme (From Gone With the Wind)

Listen to samples here.

For angry music, how about the shower scene theme from 'Psycho' - Track 17?
"Halfway to a Threeway" by Jim O'Rourke good love theme lol.

"Dark Thing" by Johnny Hollow cool cutaway music etc they have other stuff that might work too like, "Halfway to God".