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ok here we go with this, in the clerks animated show dvd there is an episode where dante goes to trial and his judge is from that movie with eddie murphy i think it is called beverly hills cop, but anyway the judge has a dream where him and eddie murphy go and put bananas in the exhaust pipes of cars. and there is a song being played i know its from teh 80's and its like a techno song and it cresendos up and then cresendos down. i hope i explained it enough
I know what you're talking about. I believe it's the beverly hills cop theme. But I'm not sure if they used the exact same music or a sort of rip-off version.
The Song is actually titled "Axel F"
Written, Produced & Performed by Harold Faltermeyer
I own this dvd series so I can double check this either tonight after work or sometime tomorrow because I actually don't remember but I have a feeling that the above responses are correct. ;)