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i heard a commercial for the chevrolet malibu last night (during the SNL repeat, right before weekend update) that i heard once a couple of months ago - and now i really need to find out what music it's using!

i've looked online and can confirm it's NOT the oft-discussed commercials featuring silversun pickups, sea wolf, oren lavie...or even the cover of 'under my skin'.

rather, this is an upbeat, driving - no pun intended - instrumental (either a keyboard or mild electric guitar) with a female voice over. the words to the VO begin "high standards, met. worries, eased. playlist, infinite...etc." hoping that's enough for the trainspotters here to go on.

thanks in advance to any of you who can end this torment :)

Re: ID new(ish) Chevy Malibu commercial song - help!

sadly, no. i spent a fair bit of time last night on youtube (and truveo) looking for it and i've yet to find it online. one of the ads there reminded me that i'm pretty sure onstar is featured in the latter part of the commercial i'm looking for.
Re: ID new(ish) Chevy Malibu commercial song - help!

just trying this appeal one more time before giving up (for now) :)