2005 Chevy Malibu


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Not sure how good people on here are with classical songs, but there's a Chevy Malibu commercial where the car is driving through the city and I think there are people running - it's pretty boring and I know it wouldn't get me to buy that car. Anyway - the music is fast-paced classical music w/ a lot of string instruments.
Crazy for the third time, A great classical sound in this Chevy Malibu Max commercial, Anyone Know, Please help.Thanks
It has these runners on a race, yet in the end it reveals that they are all trying to reach the car. Anyone?
I, too, have been searching for this song. It's a bunch of people running in a marathon, while a distinct, classical violin rhythm plays in the back. Anyone who's seen the commercial have any ideas? I'd love to find out what this song is!

Have you found the ad online to watch anywhere? Have you tried contacting Chevy and asking if they have any info on the music or ad agency that produced the commercial?