1. D

    Chevy Sonic "Street Art Robot"

    Can anyone ID the song in the 15 second spot below? May be a Sound Design, I'm not sure.
  2. B

    Chevy Malibu Eco "Feel That"

    I saw a commercial on ESPN today for what I believe was the Chevy Malibu. Several young people were driving through the city with a particular song playing towards the end of the commercial. It sounds like it is from the late 80s or early 90s. I believe it is a relatively famous song, but I...
  3. M

    Car commercial help

    all of a sudden i started thinking about this really good song i heard in this car commercial around half a year to a year ago, i have bin craving to actually hear this song and not just play it over in my head ever since i started thinking about it!!! its a rock song that has a nice slow beat...
  4. B

    Chevy Runs Deep Camaro

    Anyone have a clue as to the tune behind this new commercial in the "Chevy Runs Deep" series? I went to the Chevy website, it's not there yet. It's a like a 50's rock and roll with lots of reverb! Any help is appreciated! Included in the ad are the various generations of Camaros.
  5. O

    Chevy truck

    It's only on for a few seconds, it sounds like it is a country song perhaps and maybe two guys harmonizing? I swear i've heard it before but i don't know what it is and ts driving me nuts
  6. C

    Chevy Traverse "It's Raining"

    Who does the song for this new Chevy ad? Thanks
  7. O

    Chevy Volt "Discovery"

    Hello, Could anybody help me out by identifying the name of the song in the Chevy Volt Commercial? I'm not interested in the rock song at the concert, but rather the background music for the whole video. Thanks.
  8. P

    Chevy Cruze Facebook Status

    Whats the song from this commercial
  9. jstraw

    Chevrolet "That First Chevy"

    Any ideas?
  10. D

    2011 Chevy Cruze "Proven"

    I can find the You Tube of it but I don't know the song. Can you help?
  11. C

    Chevy Spring Sales Event

    Anyone know what this song is in the background? ... Thanks
  12. M

    Chevy Malibu "Dependable Friend"

    I'm looking for the song that plays at the end of the new Chevy Malibu commercial. The commercial features a woman being rescued from a bad date by her friend. She comments that the man said he was a "professional student of life." There's a song that plays at the end and I'd like to know...
  13. J

    Chevy Malibu

    Does anyone know the most recent song from the 15 second Chevy Malibu commercial. I saw it yesterday on Hulu. The video I had originally saw it featured with isn't playing it anymore but I'll keep trying to find a video that plays it. Hope someone could help me. Thanks.
  14. D

    2009 Chevy Equinox

    Here is the commercial on YouTube: There is some debate going on in the comments about what song it is but hopefully somebody on here can help figure out which song of 3,or if it's another song altogether,that are mentioned it is. In the info it says...
  15. M

    Chevy Malibu

    hi- i heard a commercial for the chevrolet malibu last night (during the SNL repeat, right before weekend update) that i heard once a couple of months ago - and now i really need to find out what music it's using! i've looked online and can confirm it's NOT the oft-discussed commercials...
  16. Y

    Chevy Malibu

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the Malibu commercial? It is women singing and has a dance beat to it but soft sound. The commercial shows a car being put together and looks new.
  17. O

    2008 Chevy Malibu

    There is this new Chevy Malibu commercial that features this designer sculpting what ends up being the body of the new Chevy Malibu all to the song, "I've Got You Under My Skin". I just want to know who sings that version in that commercial. It's not Ella, Diana Krall, Dinah Washington, or...
  18. E

    Chevy Cobalt

    Anyone know the music that plays in the new Chevy Cobalt commercial where there are two cars in a parking garage and they keep opening their doors and playing music?
  19. T

    Chevy Cobalt

    Does anyone know the name of the song played during the chevy commercial where a bunch of chevy compacts (Cobalt, etc) bounce a ball around back and forth?
  20. J

    2005 Chevy Malibu

    Not sure how good people on here are with classical songs, but there's a Chevy Malibu commercial where the car is driving through the city and I think there are people running - it's pretty boring and I know it wouldn't get me to buy that car. Anyway - the music is fast-paced classical music w/...