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anyone know the song from the new equinox commercial with the couple in the back trying it out, doing a little necking, while the guy in the front asks them after a couple of seconds if they wanna buy it. the song is also i know from the dance scene at the tail end of the nutty professor with eddie murphy
well it's a love song, i know it's from the 70's, but i don't remember any of the lyrics
"The Nearness of You" is a classic "torch" song styled jazz tune. Ella Fitzgerald is one of the most recognized singers of this song. It might be considered to be a signature song for her voice and style. The ad version is a "kicked-up", i.e. up-tempo version. It reminds me of the faster paced tunes sung by Frank Sinatra on his last album with Capital records (for example, "I Thought About You", as used in the movie "Micheal") in which he reportedly demanded that his orchestra leader, the legendary Nelson Riddle, speed up the tempo of the songs. Frank had started his own label, Repise and was purportedly upset at Capital's demand for this last album. I prefer this up-beat tempo, to the original version, but Nelson Riddle apparently never forgave Frank for the "sabotoge". The original tune is not a recent piece, as World War Two bandleader Glenn Miller recorded it many, many years ago!

I was unable to find an up-tempo version of the piece on Amazon or iTunes which did not materially change the song or music. Check out the versions by Norah Jones, Eartha Kit or Nancy Wilson. Sheena Easton and Sarah Vaughn both are have more traditional, i.e. slower, versions. Now that you know the song, does anyone else recognize the singer of the ad version?
i've tried several versions of the song, and none of them has the right bea tor tempo of the one song i'm looking for
:D Thanks to Netflix, i ranted The Nutty Professor and found the song from the commercial!
The name of the song is Close the Door by Teddy Pendergrass, very good soul i must say