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:) Hi, saw a new Chevrolet ad featuring all of their models--SUV's, trucks, new designs, etc. Cars/trucks were driving around, and a man's voice was singing an awesome rock-type song. Couldnt make out the lyrics. If I see it again, I will try to write the lyrics down. The end was, Chevrolet, an American REvolution. All help appreciated. Thanks. Alison

The spot is similar to the HHR commercial with the song "Music Revolution" by Scumfrog, but different.
Just saw it again. The lyrics are hard to catch, but at the end I could make out "you do those things to me" or "you do the thing to me." I checked the Chevy website and have been googling (is that a word) the lyrics to no avail.
Are the words to the song "All you want to do is use me?" I think it sounds like Jose Feliciano (sp?).
Was it the one that said to go to the site The lyrics to the song are, "You do that thing to me." Ive been looking for this as well.
The Chevy ad I was wondering about was highlighting trucks and SUVs (professional grade) and shows them on an assembly line. The song being played is by Bill Withers and is titled "Use Me".
Originally posted by skeeber59@Jan 17 2006, 05:21 PM
The Chevy ad I was wondering about was highlighting trucks and SUVs (professional grade) and shows them on an assembly line. The song being played is by Bill Withers and is titled "Use Me".
that's not the same one I'm thinking of - I'm looking for the "You do the thing to me" song.... I'm glad you found yours, though!
That ad has been playing a lot lately. I'm surprised no one has tracked it down yet.
The music in the new Chevie TV ad is so intriguing that I contacted Chevie for information. Here is the response from Zach Sonneborn, Customer Relations Manager:

"The musical selection in this particular commercial was written exclusively for the commercial. It was recorded by studio musicians as a 30-second time spot. The music remains untitled and is not available for public sale. I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you."

Sorry, everyone. I guess we can just hope they air the ad often. It won't be in our iPods after all.
Are you sure about that? The music doesn't sound like typical 30-second commercial compositions at all.

For example, there are lyrics. And the lyrics don't jive with the point of the commericial. Usually if lyrical music is composed for a commercial, it is written with the point of the ad campaign in mind.

Second, the song seems to begin long before the start of the commercial and go on well past the end.

Additionally, a nearly identical ad, but for the Chevy HHR, used a commerically available track "Music Revolution" by Scumfrog.

I could be wrong, but I'm wondering if we are talking about the same ad. Or perhaps the 'Chevie' rep sent out that form letter one too many times.
As far as I know the information is accurate. You and I are talking about the same ad, I believe: fast-paced, lyrics about "things you do to me," and ends with a reference to I exchanged three letters with Chevrolet, and the responses were not form letters.

I read an article sometime in the past week (Time, Rolling Stone, on the Web...? Can't recall where) about the use of music in advertising. To use a rock song, advertisers may have to pay well over $100,000. A growing practice is to have your own music made by studio musicians. You own it, and it costs more like $10,000, and you can use it as many times as you want. I wish I could recall where I saw that. I think we have an example of that phenomenon here in the Chevie ad.
I haven't seen the add lately, but the song you're looking for might be "The Thing That You Do" by the "Velvet Crush." You can find the song on iTunes or emusic. The 30 sec. sample you get does not give you a flavor for the song. About one minute and half into it, however, the guitar licks that sound like the commercial (if I remember correctly) kick in. Let me know if this is it. Enjoy!
"I like the Way You Move" by the Bodyrockers is featured in a Coke commercial I believe.
vypa is right, "I like the Way You Move" by the Bodyrockers is featured in a Coke commercial, not the Chevy commercial.
OMG... thank you so much for 'Music Revolution' by Scumfrog. I've been searching for 2 intense hours to find that song!! Amen. :D
Ya, I really want this song. At the very end you can hear the song with a sort of chanting part. Ba ba or something like that, I've had a few beers and i don't remember exactly, but it sounds like a song that wasn't made for a commercial.
is it the chevy commercial that the guy sounds like hes saying

"vertellio vertellio vertellio" fast? don't remember if thats rock or techno and i don't remember which commercial it was
Well guys I found the band and song name. It's called Mister Sister by The Tender Box. I found their myspace when I looked up the lyrics on google. Here's the website where you can listen to the song: It said their album is due out for a February 2006 release. So that must be soon? Anyways, enjoy guys. And goodjob Tender box if you ever read this.