Chase credit cards "Life"


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It's the one called "Life."

This song has been getting around's "100 Years" by Five For Fighting. ;)
i just saw a chase credit card commercial and they show this guy get all his credit cards at every stage in his life and they show him put it in his wallet, with a new credit card everytime and they have a song playin through the whole time in the background but i dont know what it is, so if ya know plz tell me
anyone know it yet, cause it used to be a popular song i just dont know the lyrics or anything, ive always liked it i just could never figure out what it was called, its a soft soundin song, and im sry but thats the only thing i can think of it by :(
aight thanks
Song is "100 Years" from Five For Fighting. Came out last year, Feb I think.
Go to or itunes to listen to track.
I had already posted the answer to this question as well... :duh: :D
Does anyone know the name of the chase bank commercial? It's the one that follows a guy and a girl through college, then marriage, then when they have kids, etc. It's a song that was on the radio a few years ago. The lyrics during the last part of the song has been changed.

I believe this is a Chase Card commercial, it's two people walking along a beach, and part of the lyrics is "for a moment" (this part is repeated frequently), and the music is primarily piano. Any help would be lovely!

[EDIT] 100 Years by Five for Fighting! Thank you!
Dave mathews band titles are not always part of the lyrics.... anyone seen this recent commercial with photos and the song about him at different ages and stages in his life?
I cant get it out of my mind and want to buy the CD.... :p
Possibly from the latest album, "Stand Up," released last week... Link goes to audio samples from the whole album.
If you don't find the DMB song...maybe you are thinking of "100 years" by Five for Fighting?
Is there ANYONE out there that can help me? I'm looking for the title and artist of the person that sounds like Dave Matthews (but isn't) in the new visa/mastercard ad......kinda sounds like the guy from Five For Fighting, but I'm not's just some guy singing over a piano...he's got kind of a high register voice....any help would be certainly appreciated.
:D Thanks for all the help about that commercial. It sounds like Dave Matthews, and I could not find the answer anywhere else. The guy has a great voice.
I am looking for the song on a discover card commercial - Words like For a moment, I'm thirty , and making our way back. Sounds like Dave matthews - help
i think it had two people in it.... a ladie and a man.. and on a part of the commercial towards the end. it shows a wallet with a lot of like cards.. like business cards and credit card type things.

anybody know this commerical and song?
There is a Visa/Mastercard commercial out right now....beautiful song.....i need 2 know who sings it and what it is is a couple growing old, having a daughter.....what an amazing song....can anyone help me?
Can you describe the song? Any lyrics? Male/female vocals? Genre?