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    Chase Filthy Rich Barbershop

    Can anyone identify that funky horn vamp in the Chase ad featuring the Queens barbershop owner who blew all those credit card points on a big leafy mustache? Is there a song in there anywhere?
  2. G

    Chase Freedom "Comic"

    Hello... I've been searching for months for this songs Melody? I really would appreciate it, if you could tell me the songs title & artist...
  3. G

    Chase Sapphire Preferred "Chase What Matters"

    Does anyone recognize the music in the lastest Chase Sapphire Preferred "chase what matters" ad? Link:
  4. T

    Chase Sapphire "Commute"

    Does anyone know the artist for this song? It's a chase sapphire commercial that has aired in 2012 and it says "change your commute daily" in it. Here's the youtube video. Cheers!
  5. H

    Chase Sapphire "NYC" credit card

    anyone know who does it?
  6. T

    JPMorgan Chase Bank "100000 Jobs Mission" veterans It discusses the hiring of US War Veterans has a song with piano and strings, no lyrics. What's the songs name?
  7. O

    Chase Ink

    The song I am looking for is featured in a current Chase INK commercial. It can be seen on ABC World News. A behind the scene look at a fashion show. The artist is female. Can anyone tell me the name of the song or artist?
  8. O


    Can anyone tell me the name of the song and artist featured in a Chase commercial during ABC World News on Thursday 10/27? The commercial shows a behind the scene fashion show and the words I can understand are "keep on...." Anyone?
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    Chase Sapphire

    Which band/song is used in the new Chase sapphire commercial 09/12/2011?
  10. S

    Chase Bank

    There is another chase bank commercial with a desk on a golf driving range/ a desk on a fashion runway with a song in the background and a female vocalist. Can someone tell me what the song is and who recorded it? it comes up at the end of the 'speel' and she sings "ITS ALRIGHT NOW..... OH-OH OH...
  11. S

    Chase Ink Jot

    Hi All, Anyone recognize the song used in the Chase Jot commercial? Thanks in advance. Slickjoe
  12. M

    Chase Sapphire boy playing soccer

    Can anyone tell me what sone is being palyed in this commerical and who is singing it?? PLEASE!!
  13. F

    Chase Freedom

    Chase has reinvented their freedom credit card, and I'm trying to figure out the song they're using in the ad campaign. It's an upbeat song with some lyrics I can't decipher under the announcer's voice, but they repeat "freedom" several times. I recognize the song, and know I've heard it before...
  14. M

    Chase Blueprint

    The newest such commercial for Chase Blueprint features just a snippet of a song I've been looking for at least 10 years. It's an old "techno" type song that's been used in commercials before over the years, but I still can't seem to find out the name or the band......anyone out there know?
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    Chase credit card yoga class

    The song playing in the Chase TV ad during the Yoga class -"...Never Gonna Get me down, Gotta keep moving on ..." is a 70's-80's song but I can't remember the name or the singer. Help.
  16. R

    Chase Sapphire ski lift massage bet

    What is the song playing in the commercial where the husband and wife are on the ski lift and he bet her a massage that he'll talk to a real person?
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    Chase Bank

    Who wrote/sings the music for the Chase commercial which includes the phrase, "Of Thee I Sing/See"? Thanks.
  18. N

    Chase Sapphire credit card

    What version of "The Way You Look Tonight" is played in the Chase Sapphire commercial where a husband and wife discuss how to use their credit card points.
  19. L

    Chase Ink

    does anyone know the song from the new Chase INK commercial i saw it on espn2 and its at the end and goes like do do do do doo doo ;)
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    Chase Blueprint

    Who sings the song Brand New Day in the new Chase Ad. It is not Sting but it is the same song and has the harmonica at the begining.