Chapelle Show Real World


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Hey ya'll... i was wondering if you guys knew any of these 5 songs playing during the real world.. i recorded some audio clips of it.. in mp3 form.. check em out see if u can help me... some u can't really hear :p thanks

Song #1
Song #2
Song #3
Song #4
Song #5
All of the rap songs, at least, came from the FirstCom music catalog, and were from this album done by some British gangsta rap group:

The songs used from this CD are:

(1.) Last Man Out (used in scene when Chad enters the house)
(2.) Reap What You Sow (used in scene where they're working at the juice bar)
(3.) Blow Up (used in scene when Chad's dad is killed)
(4.) The Realness (used in scene where Chad gets kicked out)

Not sure what the last one was, though. Check the rest of Firstcom's rap CDs' and see if it came from any of them.