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Hi, I've seen the new Chanel No5
Do you know who composed that music?
sorry...i didn't look at the link, but the very new one they're playing w/ nicole kidman is playing "claire de lune" by claude debussy...
However, it's a re-do of the song by Craig Armstrong, just for the ad. So, an exact version of what is heard in the ad isn't available anywhere.
I read that he just made it for the ad. I think he used the Sydney (Australia) Orchestra.
I kept on thinking it sounded familiar, that the song was in a movie, and it is. The song is in Ocean's 11 [played at the very end when everyone walks out of the building and watches the water in front of the hotel]. That song is on the ocean's 11 soundtrack cd, but i guess not the exact one (as stated above), but close enough.
search for "debussy" in your music downloader (if you have one)..i found one in AresLite, but you have to pay for a subscription..

found it in iTunes..good luck finding it, I lost the link :(

hope this helps
Anybody know where that piece of music is from? I know i heard it a bunch of times in movies but i forgot which one ;)
I saw a Chanel commerical a while ago featuring Nicole Kidman, and it plays a very familiar song. I know I know the song, but I just can't figure out where it's from. If someone can please name the song, it would be a real help. Thanks. You can view the ad on the link below, and if you fast forward it to abouit 1/2 way in the movie, you start to hear the famliar bits of it.
Hi, do any of you know a commercial with the song Angelica by a band called Lamb, maybe it was in a movie, but i thought maybe a tv commercial because its so familiar but i can't think of anything thanks for your help!
Hi, Do any of you know a movie with the song Angelica by a band called lamb or if your familiar with the song maybe you know a song familiar but I swear i've heard this in a movie or commercial,, thanks
'Angelica' is basically a reworking of 'Claire de Lune' by DEBUSSY.

A contemporary version by CRAIG ARMSTRONG was used in the recent commercial for Chanel No.5 featuring Nicole Kidman.

The original track has been used in numerous movies including Ocean's Eleven and Man on Fire.
WHat is that music playing in the background in the new Chanel #5 perfume commercial starring Nicole Kidman.

-Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Its called "Claire de lune" by Claude Debussy. Probably the most beautiful piece ever written, in my opinion.
Does anybody know the name of the music that is played in the new Chanel number 5 perfume commercial. Nicole Kidman is in the commercial.

-Thanks alo