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    Bleu de Chanel

    Hi Guys, Anyone see this new commercial for BLEU DE CHANEL? You can watch it here: Sounds like the Rolling Stones a lot - but can't place the song???? Never heard it before and I am a big time Stones fan.....Little help? Muchas Gracias
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    Chanel No. 5

    This commercial features french actress Audrey Tatou, its a jazz song. thanks in advance!
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    Coco Chanel

    So this song was actually in a Coco Chanel ad recently but I figured this might still be the place to post about it. It definitely has a Vice City/Scarface feel to it, with a woman singing somewhat wispy vocals to some serious 80s synthesizing. It's a widely known song I've just never been able...
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    Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Keira Knightley

    Anyone know who sings this version of L-O-V-E in the new Chanel perfume ad w/ Keira Knightley? It's a female singer- I searched Google and Amazon and couldn't find anything.
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    Chanel Le Rouge lipstick

    Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone knew the piece that is played in the Chanel commercial for its new lipstick line "Le Rouge". This is a clip of the commercial: Thanks!
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    Chanel No. 5 "Share the Fantasy" perfume

    Does anyone know the story behind the background music used in an old, perhaps five or more years old, Chanel (No. 5?) TV commercial. The ad featured a model poolside with a male diving into the swimming pool. Also, does anyone familiar with the ad know what instrument was used to perform the music?
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    Chanel No. 5 Nicole Kidman

    Hi, I've seen the new Chanel No5 Do you know who composed that music?