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Hi. This is a commercial that CBS has decided not to air simply because they don't want to lose viewers despite that, that would be trying to hush a simple matter of opinion.

Anyhow, the point is I like the song used in the commercial You can watch it here. Someone please help me find it!

CBS Commercial
This is the thread that the original question was asked in, but unfortunately no one knew the tune. Maybe you'll have better luck.

And on a side note, I know this is something that should probably go under general discussion, but as long as the subject of the commercial is open again:
At the risk of spawning a political debate with some adtunes conservative faction.. I just want to say that no matter WHAT your political views are, you have to agree that 1) there is NOTHING controversial about that ad, ESPECIALLY considering that it's an election year and that far heavier words are being slung around every day, and 2) CBS is a member of the press, and the press has this crazy little thing called the First Ammendment that they like to use, sometimes to the point of abuse.. so even if this little gem WAS even slightly controversial.. isn't that what they thrive on?

Anyway, that's my two cents.. now that I'm good and torqued over this bullshit.. :angry:

Hope you find your song, it's a really good one.