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I'm sure anybody who has been watching euro 2004 (at least in canada anyways) has seen this commercial before.

its the one which shows a bunch of people and their rituals. A group of friends has their lucky couch, another guy has his lucky hat, another has a lucky opener. At the end of the commerical the friends throw the couch into a dumpster because their team lost :lol:

Anyways, the song is probably of the rock genre, and it has male vocals on it. Any help would be appreciated.
Most of us are US viewers, but maybe we can still help...

You said it's got male vocals, do you remember any lyrics? Or, is there a link to watch the ad online?
I am in the US, and have seen this commercial during Euro 2004 coverage, so perhaps some other US soccer fans have seen it too and can help. I know with some previous Carlsberg ads they have gone the Budweiser route and used music made specifically for the ad, so not commercially available.
On another website some one said a Carlsberg Euro 2004 ad had a song called "WooHoo" by the 5, 6, 7, 8's... I haven't had a chance to look and see if this is the right song or right commercial. I'm trying to find the commercial online at the moment..but can't!
I've just seen the ad again (I borrowed a video tape!) It's not "WooHoo", obviously another Carlsberg commercial. The song we're looking for has a really catchy guitar riff, the vocals are sparce, just one line echoed by a male voice...he either says "watch out" or "guitar"...yes I know that's a bit of a difference, but I can't make it out properly because the voice is slightly distorted with an echo......The song is very much in the vain of groups like The White Strips, The Vines that kind of guitar thing!!!
I've been listening to some Vines stuff, not any of those! It's the guitar riff that's the most catchy, it's a bit more pop rock than alt rock (??!!) maybe more Jet than The Vines.....
i've watched every single game so far, and i've seen this commerical about a billion times alredy.

asa for the lyrics, i can only make out "don't you know that" and "superstition" if that helps.

god i want to know the name of this song :(
Well I emailed someone in Marketing at Carlsberg hopefully they will be able to get back to me with an answer. Though having watched England play so badly yesterday in the quarter finals, I am not sure I want to be reminded of Euro2004 again!!!!
Yeah. I love this song too. The Canada-version of the ad (or at least the one aired here) seems to have a different song than other versions. The guitar intro sounds a bit like "Hate To Say I Told You So" by The Hives. I was repeatedly told by some dolt who kept talking about the American version and how it was Reptilia by The Strokes. I'm a big fan of them, and he is an idiot.

But any help on this would be appreciated.
Damn Greeks, killing Portugal's only chance at a major championship for the next milennium. :(

Yeah the riff is quite similar to the hives song, but the one in the commercial is a higher tempo and has more distortion. The last part to the riff is about half an octave higher in the commcerical. The lyrics are completely different though :p

I should email Carlsberg soon
I emailed Carlsberg a week or two ago, but have had no answer yet. If they get a few more requests for it perhaps they might actually let us know who it is...
I emailed Carlsberg and just got an answer today.

The song is "Victory" by Outlaw.

Guess they love me more than you reg :p
Excellent, glad you got an answer, I still have heard zip. Knowing my bad typing skills I probably put the wrong email address, so someone somewhere is sat they wondering why on earth Carlsberg needed to telll them that! Or perhaps they do in fact love you more!!!