Burnout Revenge


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Hey folks,
Looking for the song from the commercial for nintendo's burnout game. The commercial has two guys vandalizing each others cars in a junk yard. Any one know what band that is?

Bumped because I want to know this too. It sounded like The Ramones.
Anyone know the music that's in the commercial for the video game Burnout Revenge? It's a punk song as they f*ck cars up

I finally saw this commercial. Two guys trashing cars at the junk yard (using things like cranes) -- the punk sounding song had lyrics that seemed to include:

"Eighteen. Out of the blocks." "Based on past experiences..."

Can't find anything with those lyrics. Maybe someone will recognize it.
yah i've been trying to find this too. its hella hard to understand what the guy is saying
pleeeease!!! anyone know this cause its driving me insane and disrupting the natural order of my life!
No, it isn't Shotgun. That's in the trailer with all the game footage. This thread is about the TV commercial that has guys in a wrecking yard trashing each others' cars.
i have looked everywhere on the internet for the commercial so i could try to decipher what that guy is saying but can't find it. anyone else find it?
I found the soundtrack list, but I have no idea which song it is off the list or if it's even on the list. Ive been looking for this song for weeks and no one can help. This is the first time G4 forums have let me down.
i tried looking for an email address for EA to see if i could just ask them directly but i couldn't find one that would work :(
This has also been bugging the hell out of me for the past few weeks, I registered here just in hope of finding out this info. Ive tried a few other forums I frequent, no one knows. It really does sound like the Ramones or a similar band, but I can find nothing with those lyrics on any music sites, or even on limewire (p2p prog). Nor can I locate a copy of the commercial online, and as others have said, its very hard to contact anyone at EAGames who would have a clue. Please keep trying to find people who have seen the TV commercial, again it isnt the trailer from the internet. I want to know what damn band this is!!! :p Nice work thus far guys, lets figure this out now... ^_^
i couldn't find an email but i found a number they give for game related questions. i've got to go to class in like 15 minutes so i can't call right now but if someone else wants to here it is 650-628-8468
Damn. I also really want to find out. I couldn't find the video online, and it's too late to give that number a try...
Hey guys, Im pretty sure its a cover of Alice Coopers "I'm Eighteen". Just dont know who covered it.
The instrumentation and lyrics sounds a lot like something the damned or the adverts would cook up, but it's most definitely not Dave Vanian or TV Smith doing the vocals. I'm completely stumped. Anyone call that number?
havent called the number. searched all songs with lyrics from the commercial and Ive come up with nothing. This is driving me crazy.