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I was watching the political coverage last night (june 3 2008) and I was in the kitchen but heard a song in what I think was a new Buick commercial featuring Tiger Woods. It was upbeat, piano with a big hook. Very Poppy. I have googled to no avail and checked the Buick site. Maybe it wasn't for Buick but I think it was. I didn't catch the whole thing enough to know for sure and I haven't seen the commercial since. Please help, it's driving me nuts! Anybody know the song and commercial I'm talking about?
i know what your talking about, i doubt anyone outside michigan has seen that comercial though so i think you should try calling whoever organizes that kind of stuff for the buick open
Thanks for the reply. interestingly though, I'm in NC and not MI so maybe it is a national spot? It's driving me crazy as I haven't seen the ad since.