1. themightycobras

    2014 Buick Enclave "Lighting"

    anyone know the music track in this commercial?
  2. nmichave

    Buick Enclave "Landing" Hawaiian music

    Anybody recognize the hawaiian music in this ad? I've used Soundhound and Shazam apps to no avail and I have also written Buick. They did not know the song. Thanks!!
  3. R

    2012 Buick Verano "Tour Bus"

    In this commercial, a woman is being followed by tour buses that are carrying each genre of music she likes, such as country, pop, classical, ect. When she gets into her car she selects a pop/rock songs that starts with, "It started with a whisper....". Is this a real song, and if so, who sings...
  4. D

    2012 Buick Enclave

    Just watched what I think was an ad for the 2012 Buick Enclave and really like the song. Does anyone know who the artist is?
  5. N

    2012 Buick Verano Peter Frampton

    I know these song instrumentals tend to be done in-house exclusively for the commercial, but it's a really upbeat laidback vibe. ANy help appreciate.d
  6. C

    2012 Buick LaCrosse with eAssist "Running in Place"

    I have this music running through my head from the Buick commercial. Can anyone identify.
  7. M

    2011 Buick

    Im looking for a song on a Buick commercial... the song is NOT Rocket by Nuclear free world..... the commercial I am looking for start out with a lady jogging, looking over at the Buick. I think is shows more than just the Regal..it talks about many new Buicks...........fast paced ...cool...
  8. D

    Buick Regal Turbo "Quick Thinking"

    It played throughout the NCAA tournament.
  9. F

    2011 Buick Lacrosse

    Here's another one with good music in the Buick commercial: I've been seeing it during the NCAA tournament games on CBS. The commercial starts out with the man pressing the start engine button. The garage door opens up and you see a mean good looking Lacrosse while the voice-over states...
  10. frostdude1

    2011 Buick Regal

    I absolutely love this song .. does anyone have any idea what it could be? Thanks
  11. S

    2011 Buick Regal

    Anybody hear the car commercial, , Nov, 2010, this week, 11/17, I thought it was for Buick, could be wrong, with an amazing downbeat, acustic quitar intrr and then the deep soulful voice sings, "It would be so, so cold, without you to hold"! gotta find it!
  12. Danie450

    2011 Buick Regal

    What is the music in this commercial:
  13. R

    Buick "Behind the Beauty" Olympic skater

    Any ideas? Hopefully the music wasn't made specifically for this commercial. http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/tvfilm/8805
  14. K

    Buick LaCrosse

    I just saw an ad for Buick LaCrosse, it took place on a beach I think. It was using Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze.
  15. D

    Buick Tiger Woods

    I was watching the political coverage last night (june 3 2008) and I was in the kitchen but heard a song in what I think was a new Buick commercial featuring Tiger Woods. It was upbeat, piano with a big hook. Very Poppy. I have googled to no avail and checked the Buick site. Maybe it wasn't for...
  16. C


    Does anyone know if the instrumental music from the Buick commercial is available anywhere? The commercial begins with a woman driving and the voice over "look left" "look right" and so on... The music is very dreamy and has a good techie futuristic feel. I'm tired of rewinding and replaying...
  17. Guest

    Buick LaCrosse

    I believe the song has an upbeat tune and it is on the latest buick commercials. searched for it and was unable to find it. Any Suggestions?