2011 Buick Regal


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Anybody hear the car commercial, , Nov, 2010, this week, 11/17, I thought it was for Buick, could be wrong, with an amazing downbeat, acustic quitar intrr and then the deep soulful voice sings, "It would be so, so cold, without you to hold"! gotta find it!
Re: New TV car commercial 11/19/2010/Buick?

Anyone seen it yet. I only caught it once so far which is odd, they usually play them to death. Unbelieveable bass guitar intro, and this georgous soulful voice slides in with these lyrics: "It would be so, so cold, without you to hold" in a fifties kind of Doo-whop/R&B sound, way cool!

If you hear it you'll see? hear what I mean, it's beautiful, got to hear the rest of this bad-boi!

Please hit me if you hear it or know what song I'm talking about, Thanks.
Re: New TV car commercial 11/19/2010/Buick?

YOU NAILED IT! My friend. Thank you so much. What I don't get is that this song is so good, and was a #1 Hit for "Mud", and it never got played in the U.S. back in the day? I don't get it at all, I was here then, I listened to everything back then I surely don't remember hearing this, and I would have!

What kind of conspiricy is this? What's up with that brother? Any thoughts?