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i saw it during a nascar race on nbc (nov. 14). it has a cool guitar riff, i don't think it had any lyrics. i know they show a woman's lips + lipstick and at the end (i think) it says: want one. sorry if this has been asked before, i did search but i couldn't find anything about this one ad.
Are you talking about the commercial with beer bottles raining down (sort of)? If you are, the song is "Steppin Out" by Kaskade.
i don't think that's the one, but thanks for posting anyway! the one in the ad has more of a rock vibe, which i guess i should have mentioned in the first place!
If you go to Budweiser's site, they have a whole section with their ads in it -- (although, last I looked it didn't seem they had updated with their latest ones) but you might find your ad in there.
anyone now what song this is? its brand new. a bunch of bottles are dropping ouuta the air into peoples hands.
I used search none of the commercials listed sounded like mine, I checked Budweiser none of the commercials featured were mine.. :(

The commercial has a kinda techno- house beat with beers falling from the sky... it pans thru several scenes the only one i remember is the last which shows a girl swiping a beer from a fellow- he laughs it off then it goes to the black screen with the bud logo and clean crisp clear...

Any and all help is appreciated!

The song featured on the December 04 Budweiser commercial is "Steppin' Out" by Kaskade.
Music was composed exclusively for the commercial by DAVE CURTIN of DeepMix.