Yes...I've been searching for this one for several months. It's none of the suggested ones so far. All that's shown in the commercial is an ice cold Bud Lite bottle, sort of rotating. The opening music sounds like a 60s or early 70s band. Then..."Yeah...yeah, yeah, yeah...yeah...yeah...." So frustrating! The Offspring is the band most like what's in the commercial. But...hmmm...what the heck is this????

Oh, oh, oh....Yes, it is, indeed Detroit Cobras "Ya Ya Ya" from "Seven Easy Pieces"! Thanks for your help!

People seem satisfied with the Detroit Cobras answer, but I'm ALMOST positive that the song in question is "Go" by Tones on Tail. (Haven't seen the ad in a long time, but I remember that song being used in a beer ad.)
Damn!!!!! That's EXATCLY the song I've been trying to find for two days Michelle. "Ya ya ya ya ya ya yayaya. I KNOW I've heard it in a soundtrack. Thought it was Gross Pointe Blank but noooo. Well at least I can quit looking into THAT deadend.

That song was in Grosse Pointe Blank, it's playing at the high school reunion. The song has been used in other ads as well, including a Starburst ad a couple years back. You never hear the original version though, it sounds like they had someone do a cover.