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I was wondering if anybody knew the the name of the song in the new budweiser commercial. It has a few guys saying " Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya. Please! Thanks
Heh. Can't help here, but maybe this can get moved to the Commercial forum... ;)
Haven't seen the ad but doesn't "Self Esteem" by The Offspring start that way?

I was wondering if anybody knows the name of the song in the new budweiser commercial. It goes like Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya . Please
What's going on in the ad? What kind of music is it? Male or female vocals?
I think I know the song, it's literally just some guys singing/yelling "Ya ya ya ya ya ya yayaya." I have no clue if it's a real song or something just for the ad.
okay, i saw the ad the original post is referring to and it's not the one i thought it was. the song sounds kind of brit-punk or something. i haven't found any matches with lyric searches...
Damn!!!!! That's EXATCLY the song I've been trying to find for two days Michelle. :rolleyes: "Ya ya ya ya ya ya yayaya. I KNOW I've heard it in a soundtrack. Thought it was Gross Pointe Blank but noooo. Well at least I can quit looking into THAT deadend. <_<
Budweiser's site has a bunch of ads for viewing -- Do you remember what the tag line was at the end of the ad? "True. Something..." ??
Haven't seen the commercial but based on the music description (Ya ya ya ya ya"), could it be Symarip "Skinhead Moonstomp" (which has a ska sound - unfortunately the Amazon sample doesn't get to the "yeah yeah" part) or Pogues "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah" (no sample on Amazon, but Barnesandnoble.com does have it - on the Rest Of The Best album.)???
That "Skinhead" song sounds too reggae and slow. But maybe it's the Pogue's "Yeah Yeah..." song: Here's a link to an audio sample. I just can't remember the song well enough from the ad to know for sure if that's right or not.
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I have seen this commercial shown several times during "The Shield" on FX (again last night). It's a Bud Light commercial -- not Budweiser. I listened to the link to that Pogues song and that's not it. It's got a raucous '60s Brit feel with a chunky guitar like the Kinks or the Move, but the "ya ya ya" vocals are just shouted by a chorus so there's no way to identify the singer.