Bud light commercial

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does anyone know the name of the budlight commercial where the boy and girl are on a track and the title is something like if this is your idea of a track meet then this is your beer.....or somethin like that....the song sounds like it could be britney spears but i dont know! i have been searching forever and i cant find anything on it! if anyone knows that would be awesome! thanks so much!!!!!
Can you describe the music anymore? Assume it's a female singing -- do you remember any lyrics?

I know that a new single from West Indian Girl is being used in a new Budweiser ad. That song is called "Dream" and you can listen to an audio sample here, track 5. Song is also available for download from .

Does that sound like the song you're looking for?
yea! that was it.....aww i wish it wasnt made just for the commercial....o well but thanks so much!