BMW X3 "Any" split screen


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BMW X3 "Any" split screen

The song is all instrumental. It's sounds like a Dance tune. There are two lines that intersects each other and moves around. And in between the lines you can see the views of two different seasons while the car is being driven. Please Help!!!!!!!! :blink:
hay guys, anyone seen this new bmw X3 commercial? the screen is split into 4 moving sections, each having a diffrent season.. while the suv is driving around, its insanely cool

has great music, sounds original.. does anyone know who did it? or if its not original, anyone know the track that was used?
Looking for the music in the BMW X commercial. It's the one with the X that splits the screen into 4 parts, and in each part is the car in a different climate. Like rain, snow, grasslands, and pavement.

It has no lyrics, just a pleasant rythym, any help would be appreciated :lol: .
Amon Tobin did an older Z3 commercial a while back too. The song was "Get Your Snack On" off of his Supermodified CD. That song is one of my favorites by him.
So, there's the new M3 by BMW and the song is amazing. The commercial is sort of confusing with two white lines forming an "X" across the screen, in each of the four parts of the screen seperated, it shows a different landscape/climate to take your brand new SUV in. That's the basic commercial, i was wondering if anyone knew of the song? It has no lyrics and is techno.

-crosses fingers-