1. P

    BMW Motor Munich "Barcelona"

  2. archimedes00

    2013 BMW X1

    Did not find this anywhere yet so I uploaded the commercial to my Youtube here. The song is by The Black Angels - Young Men Dead.
  3. D

    BMW 3 Series

    One of the best tracks I've heard in forever! Anyone have a clue who it is?!?!? Thanks a bunch guys
  4. F

    BMW "Neutering" Vet directions

    Anyone know the name of the song in this commercial? Thank you!
  5. A

    BMW X1 "Become One"

    There's a new BMW ad being played during the Olympics, that has a cool guitar jamming a funky, bluesy riff in it. It almost sounds like an acoustic guitar... What song is that?
  6. estioe

    BMW "Feeling Remains"

    Anyone know the name of the new BMW commercial that aired during the Olympic opening ceremonies, that starts off with a woman wearing a white dress, with her long hair whipping, and then you see her in a BMW car, driving. The commercial then moves on to other people, either driving a BMW, or in...
  7. nmichave

    BMW xDrive "Equipped to Weather Any Road"

    Anybody recognize this music? Love it!
  8. S

    BMW i8

    what the song that plays in this commercial, starts at :35 seconds.
  9. M

    BMW 3 Series "New York"

    What is the name of the song ?
  10. O

    BMW Olympics

    Just saw a BMW commercial with a familiar theme playing. It had outlines of 4 runners in different colors and stated something along the lines of "We support Olympic teams." I'm going off memory but the song playing in the background sounded like Tron Legacy music. But I can't be certain. I'm...
  11. S

    BMW 328 Hommage

    This is a great tune! I would love to know who did this music. Great vid as well.
  12. A

    BMW X3

    Although this particular ad campaign has been out for a few months, it caught my attention again. It shows people throwing snowballs, then climbing into a BMW, a male voice starts singing after a brief instrumental intro; I could not make out all of the words in the beginning; --"come on-we're...
  13. J

    BMW website

    First song that plays on BMW's website (while tan car is driving) when you go to their site: Sorry its no a TV commercial ad, but maybe you guys can still help me figure it out. I can distinctly here these phrases. "right here at home" "is waiting" "you...
  14. V

    BMW "Story of Joy"

    Anyone know the song in this BMW commercial. Its called Story of Joy and aired first during the Vancouver Olympics
  15. B

    BMW Ultimate Drive

    I'm looking for the music (probably in-house, but I am asking anyways) in the BMW Ultimate Drive commercial that aired almost every commercial brake during the US Open. It starts with a shot of their Kinetic scuplture device played over a light piano melody that quickly turns into a 5 series on...
  16. A

    Volvo 850 Turbo Sportswagon vs BMW 328i commercial

    Hey Everybody - New to the site - really need help. I've been looking for this ad for awhile - it is the reason why I am in advertising. It is an ad for the 850 Estate/Touring Edition or 850 Turbo Wagon from Volvo. If I can find a copy of this ad - if we ever meet I'll buy you a beer. Please...
  17. L

    BMW 5 series Gran Turismo

    hey guys could u give me the name of the track played in this ad :-
  18. J

    BMW 5 series Gran Turismo

    Does anyone know what piece of music is being played here? This is not the same ad that is playing on TV these days but I think the music is the same. Thanks.
  19. P

    Nuevo BMW X1

    bmw x1 new music 2009 commercial spot ad
  20. D

    BMW Z4 Roadster "An Expression of Joy"

    Commercial didn't start out as much but the song used in it started getting catchy. I searched on youtube for it and haven't seen it yet so its probably fairly new. Its a bmw 2 door playing on a large canvas with paint.