Blaupunkt commercial

Dunno what it is either, but that is one freakin' hilarious ad... Where are you from? I'm guessing not NA, 'cause we tend to have more conservative ads in Canada than the rest of the world, and the US tends to be more conservative even than us...

Again, great tune though. Good luck.
Hey, TheAdversary... I am from Canada... I just interesting emails :p

If anyone knows the tune..... drop me a line!

Hi there, I too am looking for this song. So far this is the information I have found out.

Artist: Blaupunkt Car Entertainment
Song: 'Headbanging Dummies'

The blaupunkt german website offers downloads to music but not this song yet. Hopefully in the near future.
Got it!!

Search iTunes for

Alex Peace
Blaupunkt P.I.M.P.

Doesn't sound as cool as the female back-up screaming in the background.