Big Fish

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In the scene in Big Fish where young Edward Bloom is born, when he's sliding down the hospital hallway, there is a song that I can't really describe........I'd describe what the vocals are like, but it would leave people more confused than ever. can anyone place the name of it and who sang it?
Try a description anyway. You might be surprised ;)
It sounds as if it was made in the 1940s and all you really hear is "shoobidy-boo-ba-boo-baddy-boo-doo-doo" or something of that nature.

It's a good film, so I suggest that people see it. And if they happen to know what that song is, please let me know!
So it's a scat song. ;) Or it at least has a scat line or two in it. That helps. try the Doc Boggs song on that list. It's just a shot in the dark as I'm not familiar with him or the song but it's the most likely name for an artist of that genre on the list.

If that isn't it then includes a list of the most notable scat singers. I would look for their names on the credits. Of course you know whether to cross off the men or the women based on the voice you heard.

Good Luck :D

EDIT-There is one song that is more current that comes to mind but I don't know the name of the song or the artist and your lyrics don't fit.
It goes more like Diiiii dit dit didit dit. Didit dit diditdit
I'm looking for the Dock Boggs one now, but I honestly think that the song that you described was it. I've never really been good describing scat over the internet. :p