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Hey, I'm having a stupid problem. I saw Final Destination again (it reran on Tv), since I liked it the first time I saw it. Then this scene came on, and I thought "I like that song", but I can't seem to get just the right search going tonight, or maybe the movie's just too old. You wouldn't think so.
I know there's a lot of music-savy people who are on here, though, so I'm throwing it over to you! It's the scene where they are looking for the jock kid and they're all in the car driving fast. That's when it plays, and that's right before the beach scene, with just the main guy and girl. I know, it sucks I don't remember the names. Well, I got distracted playing Quake, and just this song caught my attention.

So anyway, words I got were:

"Count the places of devotion,
Count the altars of despair
As we're goin' goin' goin' goin' down"

Don't know if anyone can do anything with that, but sanka, anyhoo! :lol:
Thank you!
You Rock!!!

Jane SIberry, hmm, didn't she sing, "It can't rain all the time"? I love that one, too...