Big Fat Liar


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In the movie "Big Fat Liar" with Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz there is a scene in the movie where they are in the movie prop room and there is a very cool song playing while they are trying on the different costumes. It is an excellent song but unfortunately I can't find it anywhere despite a lot of effort? If anyone can find a .mp3 or copy of that song you are much better than myself! It was originally produced by Wiltone records and I can't even find any info on them? Any help info would be greatly appreciated!
The song plays when he swims in the pool full of blue dye. I think thats when it plays anyway, Haven't seen the mvoie in awhile. It's like a Techno/Drum n Bass type of song. I can't find it anywhere.
Well the only techno song I remember hearing in the movie was played when the bad guy is already all blue and driving his car, that song is Blue Da Ba Dee by Eiffel 65.
i'm looking for the song where amanda bynes and frankie muniez are in the costume room dancing around and trying on all the clothes.

the chorus goes something like this:

i, i wish this night would never end
i, i wish, i wish this night would never end