Beverly Hills Cop II

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The music in question im talking about plays at three times in this movie, and also plays in the original Beverly Hills cop.

It's instrumental music that plays once Axel Foley starts speaking to Karla Fry (tall blonde bad girl) at the shooting range.

Another time it plays is when Axel's friend driving his Ferrari pulls up to a phone booth with the blonde girls in the car, and makes a call to Axel's boss in Detroit

The third time it plays is near the end of the movie when Axel asks the guy if he likes rap music, Billy knocks him out, and then they look at the weapons in the truck. The music keeps playing until Billy sets off the alarm trying to open a window.
It is an untitled/unreleased song from the movie score by Harold Faltermeyer.
This song also plays in the original Beverly Hills Cop 2 times

The first time is when Axel is travelling with Jenny and realizes that "cops" (Taggert and Rosewood) are following him (right before the bananna in a tailpipe scene

The second time is after Axel kills a guy with a machine gun at Victor's mansion , the police are dispatched, and Axel enters the mansion shooting at the guy with the shotgun and victor
There was never an official score for the movie released; however there are some of the score songs available for listen on youtube. I have read that at one time an 8" record was released unofficially for the score but it is out of print and very hard to come by. If you check out the message boards for the movie at ; there are members who claim to have the score. You may want to try and contact them.