The Last Minute


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Hello all you audiophiles out there. It seems I need the expertise of the best, because it just so happens that I'm looking for a piece of music that I've been looking for over 4 years for.

The only place that I've ever heard this piece of music was in the movie by Stephen Norrington, entitled 'The Last Minute'.

This movie is music heavy but unfortunately the soundtrack they released only has somewhere between 3 and 5 songs from the film itself(I bought the soundtrack).

I used to own the dvd of the film where this song also played on one of the menu's that was focused on one of the characters named, Percy. played by Jason Isaac.

The song actually plays around the midway mark of the movie in a scene where the main character Billy Byrne, played by Max Beesly, is being photographed by actor Udo Kier for a magazine photoshoot.
During the photoshoot is the only time the song plays in movie. and I was hoping someone who has seen this movie and also enjoyed that particular song found a way to figure out what it was and maybe would like to relay the information.

I appreciate any help. Sorry for the large post. I felt that I needed to be thorough. LateSkins