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Hey all,

SoundtrackNet is thrilled to bring you our exclusive First Listen of the highly anticipated score to Batman Begins. Composer Hans Zimmmer teamed up with James Newton Howard to bring you the first superhero score of the summer. Be sure to check out our extensive write-up with sound clips from every track!

i'm looking for the name of the score when the chick asks batman later in the movie if he's bruce. It was pretty intense music, and i'd like to check it out again....thanks!
The cowl and bat equipment is located in a closet in the batcave, Bale opens it and music plays, this part comes RIGHT after Katie Holmes gives him the finders keepers stone.... name that music!!!

I don't know where these songs are in the movie exactly , i think they're all throughout... but anyways.. here's 3 songs that were in the movie
"Eptesicus", "Antrozous", and "Molossus" and they're all by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Hope that helped! :)
Every song on the soundtrack is named after a species of bat. I have the CD and it's pretty good, although some of its repetitive and it's certainly not either composer's best work. I think the main theme, which is present in many tracks, does an excellent job of capturing Batman's internal rage and torment.
But when he opens the closet, there's a theme that plays thats really cool, what song is that particular "10 second part" on?
Not all film music that is played in the movie makes it to the soundtrack (for reasons I don't understand). It might just not be available a lot like the music from most of the trailers isn't.
I don't know if anybody has realised this, but there are so many cues missing from Batman Begins Soundtrack, does anyone know if there's gonna be a bootleg version of the complete score or an expanded score for this because all i have so far is the End Credits, but that's not enough, plus i edited some tracks together to make an Expanded Score, however i'm still missing large amounts of cues that are important and really liked. For example the last fight between Batman and you know who in the train. Also when Batman goes down to the batcave after Rachel gives Bruce the bday present, plus some other cues that are on the soundtrack but have film versions of it. I'd appreciatte if anybody could help me get these tracks.
The tune was in Batman where he was rushing her (Kirsten Dunst?) in the Batmobile to get the antivenin in the cave before she died and then he burst into the cave behind the waterfall just in time.
What can you tell me about the tune?

The same song is in this video beginning a little before the halfway point, just as he accelerates and right up to when he stops:
I thought I knew the Batman Begins soundtrack...

So I had a tune in my head and I wanted to listen to it, and for the longest time I thought that it was on the Batman soundtrack. I can't seem to find it on the Batman soundtrack, and then I did manage to find the tune, but it's being used in a German hip hop song... Anyone know the music that's playing in the background of this song?

Shiml - Erster Akt

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum or... anything else I did wrong. It's been a really long time since i have been here...