1. W

    Batman The Killing Joke

    Music is Epic Score - Leader of Armies
  2. P

    Batman Forever

    Can someone tell me the Music tracks in this Batman Forever film trailer please? I know they are from Batman and Batman Forever Film Score, but I don't know the track titles. Thank you.
  3. R

    Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice

    Anyone knows the music used in the comic con footage.
  4. benoski

    Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

    Trailer music is "The Lift" by Mark Nolan.
  5. bogzay


    Anyone know the music ?
  6. W

    Batman Arkham Knight

    What are the music from this trailer ?
  7. Morgan Helsing

    Son of Batman

    Trailer #1 Track 1 : Audiomachine - Uprising Track 2 : Audiomachine - 11 Days in Hell
  8. N

    Batman Arkham Origins

    Does anybody have any info regarding the trailer music and who is composing the score for the game?
  9. T

    Batman The Animated Series

    A few months back the HUB did a Batman: The Animated Series marathon and used this trailer to promote it. The music is excellent. The first minute is based off of Hans Zimmer's "A Fire Will Rise" (which was used in the third Dark Knight Rises trailer) but if the rest of this music is...
  10. K

    The Dark Knight Rises

    Anyone know if the music is used is similar or infact an actual track from one of the previous two films?
  11. I

    Batman Arkham City

    There one thing starting at 0:57 and runs to 1:05, an then (I think) starts a second song? Anyone could help me what's this tracks?
  12. S

    The New Batman/Superman Adventures

    Does anyone know who composed the awesome theme tune for the New Batman/Superman Adventures animated series that aired starting in 1997?
  13. Trailer Music Hunter 101

    Batman Arkham Asylum What's the music in this trailer? Sounds like Two Steps from Hell or a similar group like that.
  14. T

    Lego Batman

    In story three of Lego Batman (Hero mode), there's a Danny Elfman score from Tim Burton's Batman that's featured on the big top level. What's the name of the score?
  15. S

    Lego Batman

    Does anyone know what the music in this trailer is?
  16. N

    The Dark Knight

    What is the name of the techno song that plays during the club scene in Batman: The Dark Knight? Any and all help is appreciated!
  17. B


  18. S

    The Dark Knight

    Hi I just wanted to know if anyone knew which song plays during The Dark Knight trailer, all the way. I know that it's from Batman Bigins cuz i checked in but i just want to know the track name of the song that way i can buy it on itunes anyway here's the trailer and thank you for...
  19. M


    Does anyone know the name of the tune that plays in the first Batman movie where Joker is parading down the street throwing money to people. Thanks
  20. D

    Batman Begins

    Hey all, SoundtrackNet is thrilled to bring you our exclusive First Listen of the highly anticipated score to Batman Begins. Composer Hans Zimmmer teamed up with James Newton Howard to bring you the first superhero score of the summer. Be sure to check out our extensive write-up with sound...