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This music has been in my head all week. Does anyone know what the music is in the background in the Audi Quattro Winter Event ad? It mentions to test the Audi A4 at dealers. The music is sort of ambient.

anyone know the music for the new audi a4 quattro ad? sort of a hard trance-techno-y sound. :) very catchy tune which made me start bopping my head up and down while cooking dinner.

I've been searching for this as well. It is similar to "dubstep" loosely in the fact that the melody is bass-driven, and the song evokes a more serious and darker tone. It's an awesome track, and I emailed Audi as a last resort. If I get any information, I'll pass it on through this thread. Hopefully someone posts it to youtube soon enough.
The song is "Addiction" by Michael Elsner, off "Turbulent Machines." But unfortunately, it is not publicly available.

I searched all over the web for this, and finally turned to my concierge service who came through with identifying it (I assume by calling the TV station and/or Audi) and acquiring me the mp3!

I received the following information from them:
"The song that was used for the Audi commercial is called `Addiction` and is from a CD called `Turbulent Machines` by Michael Elsner but that record has never been released to the public, only to music supervisors. The full version of Addiction is about 3 minutes long and cut down to fit the commercial."
Aw, :( how tragic.
It's decided, my future job is to b a music supervisor, he he, jokes.

Thanks 4 letting us know!
I've been looking for this tune as well, but the posted song is not the one I'm after. Is it possible that Michael Elsner did more than one song for Audi?

I Googled Michael Elsner and on his Myspace page he links the commercial he composed. This is not the song I was looking for. The one I'm after is nothing more than a drum track with a bass driven melody. Just a sick sick hook in this track.

The search continues...

From Audi:

Andrew, thank you for contacting Audi of America and for your
appreciation of the music used in the quattro video. I'm sorry we could
not find the title (we'll keep looking), but perhaps you will find it
first with the name of the artist: Bil Bless.

For the broadcast video itself, we don't have it on our site yet, but
we'll keep your suggestion in mind.

Thank you again for writing.

I contacted Bil Bless via his myspace page. Nice guy! He confirmed that he did compose that music, but doesn't think it's available commercially as it was a short "work for hire" piece. It's called "Tyranny."

He suggested contacting to find out if it's available.


I went to the Mophonics website. If you click the "portfolio" page, there are several thumbnails at the bottom of the page. If you select the one in the lower left corner, you can see the commercial. Not ideal, but a place to get a fix.
ooohhh...that music just makes me feel amazing lol.

sadly the video on that site is different than the one I see on TV. It has voice over at the end...whack.