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I was wondering does anyone know what song is being used for the second half of the official APPLESEED trailer. I think the offical site has the trailer for stream. the music that i'm talkin about is roughly half-way thru. it says " boom boom Satellites " then then comes a list of (subsites super imposed over the trailer , in hard to read white font ) of Paul oakentfold then basement jaxx then a list of someone vs a long list of names of artists ( a remix of this song maybe ) i will go back and view the traielr again to catch some of the lyrics , however, it is totally basement jaxx vocals. thanks.
Does anyone know what the song at the start of the trailer is? The one that comes on before "Good Luck"? I've been trying to figure this one since the first trailer came out.

/edit: Just found it. For everyone else, it was "Dive For You" by Boom Boom Satellites (will be available on the Appleseed soundtrack).
can any1 tell me the name of the songs in the appleseed trailer ( They write the artist and names of the 3 songs on the trailer, but the title of each song is in japanese. The 3 artists are boom boom satellites, paul oakenfold, and basement jaxx. Any or all title would bew appreciated.
It says right in the trailer the names of three groups/bands. "Boom Boom Satellites," "Paul Oakenfold" (Also heard on the first Bourne Identity trailer and Collateral trailer), and "Basement Jaxx" (Know from Coke commercial with a handful of people partying in the woods for some strange fucking reason drinking coke. Maybe it had rum in it too...

Try looking up one of those band names and the title "I Would Die for You." Seems to be the recurring line in that song.
As mentioned in the earlier thread that Melissa linked, the song at the start is "Dive For You" by Boom Boom Satellites, and the song at the end is "Good Luck" by Basement Jaxx.