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This is the small business commercial in which man needs to order plaster, another X number rolls of paper, the vet an ultrasound machine, a woman needs to rent a car every week, another "six tickets for Tokyo", and a man wanting to ship "42 glass bowls". It's very catchy and lively, and I'd like to find out what the piece is so I can buy it. Thanks.
I saw an Amex small business ad today,was focusing more on the music than the content,so I don't know if it's the same one,but judging by your description it is.
And the answer is (drumroll!)
Mendelssohn's Symphony no 3 the Scottish and it's from the second movement.Here's a sample.It's track 3. Vivace non troppo
Hello there,
I just need some help on figuring out this orchestral theme thats played in this American Express Gold Card commercial. Its the one where all these buisness owners are saying the stuff they need to buy for their business. Ex: "I need 70 more rolls of paper.", "I need 6 tickets for Tokyo" , "I need to call Italy atleast 2 or 3 times a day" , "I need an UltraSound machine" , "I need to ship 42 glass bowls" and "I need a better way to buy what i need".

During all that, theyre playing this orchestral theme ive heard so many times before but i dont know the name of it. I was going to use it for a school project.
So any help would be greatly appreciated. All I need is the name, and then ill download it from there.
Thanks in advance.
hmmm... they must have added another song to the ad recently, because there is a version of that same ad with a mellow slowly creschendoing song as well...
i've been looking eeeverywhere and I can't seem to find it, it's driving me mad! anyway, this is for the Chase business card commercial, it's an entirely classical piece and includes the blonde girl that says "i need two tickets to tokyo"--anyone, please help i would really appreciate it!
I think it's six tickets to Tokyo and you're looking for an american express commercial.
Mendelssohn No. 3 is wrong. I downloaded it and listened to it, it's not the song from this commercial. The song from the commercial is definitely more modern sounding, and it really moves (for strings that is). It does sound a lot like something Devotchka would make. Does anyone know what it really is?

Why is this commercial like a ghost? It's not on Youtube or produce any results on any search engine i try it on.
I'm pretty sure it was an american express commercial
i haven't seen this commercial air for a while, but i'm hoping someone here remembers it..
it starts out with a keyboard i think, then transitions to a chorus of violins
the actual content of the commercial is just a series of business owners telling us what they need.. example:

I need 4800 tons of plaster
I need 3750 rolls of paper
We need 2 tickets to tokyo
wow.. you're quick..
and also skilled with the search...
but unfortunately.. that thread isn't answered yet, but thanks for pointing me to it
i checked the sample from Amazon posted in that thread..
wasn't what i was looking for =\