american express

  1. C

    American Express (End of commercial melody) I'm pretty sure it's an American Express ad, but it could be Visa or Discover, too. This song is causing the biggest ear-worm for myself and I'm pretty desperate to find either the commercial or the song to break the cycle of me repeating the same 3 second...
  2. J

    American Express "Feels Like"

    There is an Am Ex commercial currently out there that starts with a couple sitting on top of a car playing chess because the car is broken down. Then there is a passport in the water, etc. The song starts out with an acoustic guitar simply playing then some humming comes in. I can't locate...
  3. S

    American Express "Tweet Stories"

    Hey Everyone, I was just watching the end of the Bulls/Miami Heat game, and an Amex commerical came on. I can't remember what specific card it was for, but the music was an acoustic song. It sounded almost like Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz....or like a song that should have been on the Garden State...
  4. A

    American Express "Blue Dot"

    I would love to know who the track is by (and any other info about the track/artist) in the Blue Dot American Express TV advert: Thanks for your help AZA P.S. I did a search for blue dot and American Express before posting this so sorry if it's already been covered.
  5. A

    American Express Blu Cash Back

    Anyone know the artists performing 'Money (that's what I want)' in this AMEX blue commercial from a few years ago ? I've heard many renditions of this song, but I've only ever heard this version in this one commercial. It was played in the states a lot back then, but its the same music in...
  6. ArtWench

    American Express Open "Reveille"

    Has anyone seen the American Express OPEN commercial which features what begins as a traditional Reveille and then evolves into a jazz piece? I love this music and can't find any info on it. Here is the 30 sec. spot:
  7. R

    American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

    Anyone know what the instrumental piece is in the new American Express Gold commercial? I can't find the commercial online, but it's the one with a gold card floating over a black background. The same piece of music is in the following video, from 4:52 to 5:20. (Sad video, by the way.)...
  8. S

    American Express

    I just saw a brand new AmEx commercial with the frowning and smiling faces-- but this new one has piano music (it's not the one with the Bach Cello Suite). Does anyone know what the piano piece is? Thanks!
  9. E

    American Express 1980s woman singing old french jazz

    Folks, Anybody remember an an old American Express winter holiday commercial from – well, I think it’s been at least fifteen years since I last saw it. Anyway, it’s a scene of a horse-drawn sleigh making its way across a snowy country landscape – France presumably, because of the music...
  10. G

    American Express "Small Business Recovery"

    I love this music in this commercial but no one can seem to find it. Anyone know the song and who its by???
  11. S

    American Express smiling faces "Don't Take Chances. Take Charge."

    I saw an ad the other day (September 10) by American Express with pictures of house appliances that look like faces. The song playing is a VERY POPULAR SYMPHONY and i can't seem to find the name of it or the ad itself, anywhere. The music is composed of violins in various pitches. You'll...
  12. H

    American Express

    Just saw this last night and the music is amazing. If anyone knows this song please please tell me...thanks again!
  13. S

    American Express

    Does anyone know the name of the singer in an American Express commercial. He's french, and he almost talks more then sings. It's very french jazz sounding.
  14. M

    American Express

    Does anyone know the band that sings "Gimme some money' on the new American Express commercial on TV today? This same song was covered by Spinal Tap in their original movie and it's an old English rock song, but apparently a new band doing their version of it. I can't find it on any music search...
  15. K

    American Express "Animals" Ellen Degeneres

    Anybody knows about the new American Express Commercial coming out with Ellen Degeneres in it.
  16. S

    American Express M Night Shyamalan

    does anyone know the tune from the AMEX commercial that played during the oscars?
  17. T

    American Express Andy Roddick vs Pong

    This is the ad where andy roddick verses pong (the white panel) in like a normal tennis stadium and pong thrashes him for a while. The music is like electronic melody, kind of retro computer game music almost. The ad has been showing on the Australian Open for the last two weeks and probably at...
  18. S

    American Express Blue

    What's the name of the sond in the american express commercial... it sounds like something off of Verve remixed (1,2 or 3) without the vocals. Thanks, Staples
  19. M

    American Express

    There is a credit card commericial that starts with a young couple and it views their life together from marriage, kids, grand kids. What is the song that is playing. I thought it was coldplay but could be wrong. Does nayone know? Thanks. It's driving me nuts
  20. ad-rock

    American Express Ellen DeGeneres

    Here's a link. There are 4 or 5 instrumental pieces being used in it. They have that 60's "lounge sound" to 'em. Any ideas? Thanks~